Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Few Shots Near Mystic Lake

So I felt it was time to get out and start playing with my camera using a setting other than smart auto.  So I took a little adventure to the trial head for mystic lake and give it a go.  I set my camera to AV and my ISO between 100-200 the whole time I was shooting.  My AV Fluctuated to get the desired effect for the pictures below.  I also fiddled around with the exposure composition but I realized I need to practice with that quite a bit more.  Also I learned the crop ability and water mark on Light Room which is kinda neat.  Other than that there were no modifications to theses photos.

Just a Trickle shot at ISO 100; f/32; 2.5 sec

Little Water Fall shot at ISO 100; f/32; 1/8 sec

Aspens & H2O shot at ISO 100; f/22; 1/8 sec

Peregrine Falcon shot at  ISO 200; f/5.6; 1/3200 sec

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